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By on April 18, 2010


Chicken Breast (4 oz)

Broccoli (1 cup steamed or boiled)

Salad (1 cup mixed greens)


Chicken Salad (3 oz)

Dressing (2 tbl spoons of a lite dressing)

Fruit of Choice (1)


Grilled Chicken (4 oz)

Vegetables ( 1 cup  lightly sautéed)

Wheat Tortilla Wrap (make a chicken wrap)


Grilled Salmon (3-4 oz)

Spinach (1 cup lightly sauteed)

Sweet Potato (1 small mashed)


Grilled Cod (4 oz)

Brown Riced (1 cup Boiled)

Sauteed Vegetables (1 cup)


Roast Turkey(3 oz)

Green Beans (1/2 cup)

Butternut Squash (1/2 cup)


By on April 18, 2010


Scrambled Egg Whites (3 to 4 Eggs)
Aspargus (3 sticks) & Bell Peppers (1/2 cup)
Grapefruit (1/2)


Blueberry & Banana Smoothie
1 scoop of Whey protein powder, ½ cup Almond Milk, ¼ cup blue berries 1 small banana and ice (option would be to freeze fruit and use no or little ice)
Steel Cut Oatmeal


(1/2 cup) w/ water, once cooked add almond slivers, coco nibs, goji berries, blueberries, stevia, strwaberries, banana slices, flax seeds, apple chunks, cinnamon, 1/2 scoop whey protein powder  .. the list could go on – get creative – mix and match and find what works for you, and this way you dont get bored of the same thing everyday.


Scrambled Eggs (3-4 whites)
Grilled Ham slice  or Turkey Sausage
Fresh Seasonal Fruit (1 cup)


Plain Omelet with Chicken/Turkey Sausage
Steamed Spinach (2 cups)
Apple (1)


Cottage Cheese (1 cup)
Plain Yoghurt (1 cup)
Banana (1 small)


By on February 1, 2010

The anatomic term for them is “obliques” and unfortunately this area of the body is often neglected when it comes to exercising the stomach and ab areas.

I cannot stress enough that you have to start with long-duration aerobic exercise if you want to trim any part of your stomach.

Spot toning will prove ineffective because you need to raise your metabolism enough to burn that extra love handle fat. Remember, it’s all about total body fitness and losing weight all over.
If you’ve been following me for some time, you’re probably tired of me mentioning that, but that is the number 1 misconception about stomach toning. You have to get your entire body into shape before you start seeing results.

Start a cardio exercise program at your home. Either buy a set of aerobics or bootcamp DVDs or check out a local fitness class.

While doing basic crunches will help eliminate some of the fat around the obliques, here are some other exercises that focus more on what I like to call the love handle area.

Leg Flutters
A lot of people don’t realize that in order to tone your middle and love handle area you also need to strengthen your back. This creates a balance in your torso and reduces the fat on your back.
1. Lie on your stomach and lift your head up slightly
2. You can keep your arms straight out at your sides or bend them with your elbows resting beside you.
3. Lift your feet and knees off the floor and flutter your legs rapidly back and forth. Do this for 20 seconds. Take a 20 second break and then repeat again.

Bicycle Crunches
This exercise will work your internal and external obliques as well as the abdominals. These are the two muscle groups that live around your waist. Fat is generally stored on top of these muscles, thus creating the love handle effect.
1. Lie on your back with your knees bent.
2. Carefully lift your head up and place your hands behind your head without locking your fingers together.
3. Twist to the right bringing your left elbow to your right knee. Extend your left leg out.
4. Now twist back to the left bringing your right elbow to your left knee. Extend your right leg out.
5. Repeat 25 times.

Standing Trunk Twists
This is a good aerobic-type exercise that will help get your heart rate up as well as burn some calories in your middle.
1. Stand with your feet about a foot apart and knees relaxed.
2. Twist your torso to the left while keeping your hips and legs as stable as possible. As you twist to the left, cross your right arm in front of your body in a punching motion.
3. Twist back to the right and cross your left arm over your body in a punching motion.
4. Do 100 reps.

The Bottom Line
Just like getting rid of belly fat, love handles will only firm up if you start increasing your body’s metabolism by exercising 4-5 times per week for at least 30 minutes. This does not only include crunches, sit ups, etc.. but cardio exercises that will get your heart rate up – like swimming/running/stairs.

By on February 23, 2009

Flaxseed provides all eight essential amino acids and a wealth of nutrients, including Omega-3 andOmega-6 Essential Fatty Acids, digestive enzymes, protein, vitamins and minerals.  Flaxseed is said to helplower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, improve circulation and immune function and also to treat inflammatory disorders.  New research indicates that the use of Flaxseed may also help to significantly reduce hot flashes in menopausal women.

Flaxseed has a variety of beneficial uses, which include reducing the risk factors of coronary heart disease, recent research has shown that Flaxseed’s high Omega-3 fatty acid and its soluble fiber content have helped to reduce serum triglycerides and blood pressure.  It also helps to reduce the hardening effects of cholesterol on cell membranes.  Most of the soluble fiber in Flax is mucilage gum, which is a thick, sticky substance that blocks cholesterol absorption and also helps balance blood-glucose levels, thereby making it useful for reducing high blood sugar.

Flaxseed is rich in fiber.  As an important source of both soluble and insoluble fiber, it has been long used to treat constipation and promote regularity.  The insoluble fiber swells in the bowel to produce a gentle, bulking laxative, and the high oil content lubricates the intestines.  A high-fiber diet including Flaxseed has been linked to a reduced risk of many chronic diseases, including diverticulosis, certain malignant diseases, i.e., colon (the quicker waste is eliminated, the less time the colon is exposed to toxins and bacteria), Flaxseed also plays an important role in the clinical management of autoimmune diseases and certain hormone-dependent malignancies (breast, endometrial and prostate).

Flaxseeds have been used as a relaxing expectorant, easing sore throats and hacking coughs.  Folk healers have long used the seeds to soothe any kind of lung or throat disturbance.  The mucilage in Flaxseed has been effective for inflammations of the mucous membranes, which is soothing for many conditions including pharyngitis and gastritis.

Several studies have shown that Flaxseed’s anti-inflammatory and soothing properties may reduce the pain, inflammation and swelling of arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

Flaxseed is also known to decrease hot flashes in post- menopausal women who do not take estrogen.  The findings, published in the summer 2007 issue of the  Journal indicated that the frequency of hot flashes in the subjects decreased fifty percent over six weeks, and the overall hot flash score decreased an average fifty-seven percent for the women who completed the trial.  Participants also reported improvements in mood, joint or muscle pain, chills and sweating; which significantly improved their health-related quality of life.

Flaxseed is an old remedy for inflammations and ulcers and as a drawing poultice for boils and abscesses.


By on February 23, 2009




Want to know more about Green Tea?

By on February 23, 2009

This Blog I posted on Cambio Just incase you haven’t read it.

Green Tea is all the rage right now—known to reduce high blood pressure and lower cholesterol, Green Tea is taking the health world by storm. It also contains four primary polypehnols which are powerful antioxidants that have been shown to fight viruses, slow aging and have a general beneficial effect on a person’s health. Not only does it contain all these valuable attributes, but it’s also known for its weight loss effects, which has been causing more and more people to start taking the supplement.

But is everything you read actually true?

To a degree—yes.

According to a study report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, scientists have found that Green Tea extract resulted in a significant increase in energy expenditure (a metabolism “boost”).

Experts have also found that the catechins, a water-soluble polypehnol and antioxidant which gives Green Tea its bitterness and astringency, helps to inhibit the movement of glucose into fat cells.

Scientists at the University of Chicago carried out experiments on rats and found that the Green Tea caused these rats to lose up to 21 percent of their body weight. Rats injected with a Green Tea extract lost their appetites and consumed between 30 and 60 percent less food after seven days of daily injections.

I would suggest 3-4 cups per day would represent an ideal dosage to harness the positive effects of green tea. If this seems like an impossible challenge to you, then Green Tea supplements are they way to go.