Joey Rubino

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Sober Companion

By on April 27, 2019

My name is Joey Rubino. I’m a Sober Companion and Coach who offers my clients a unique experience of compassion and love. I draw on my past experience and 10 years of sobriety to forge connections that allow clients to feel heard and not judged while they move forward towards their new life.

I started in coaching first focusing on fitness, and spent many years teaching others how to lead healthier lives and achieve what they once thought impossible. I was very successful, working both in Hollywood, and touring globally with celebrity clients. Fitness coaching became Life Coaching. Given my own sober lifestyle and experiences, Sober Coaching and Companionship emerged as my strength and passion. Both on and off tour I’ve been able to make a difference for people and assist them on their life as a sober person, forming a connection that helps in their struggle with any fears, hopes and dreams as they grow.

If you are looking for a Sober Companion or Coach to work with you or a loved one as you grow into your new lifestyle, let’s connect and see if I might be the right fit.