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By on April 30, 2010

Best Lunges for Firm Glutes & Toned Legs

Lunges that sculpt a firm butt and lean legs are challenging, require big full body movement that burn loads of calories, and target all the little problem areas like the inner things, the saddle bags, the crease between the leg and the glutes, inside the knees, behind the knees, etc. Ordinary lunges are great but the targeted lunges below really deliver big time results fast.

Walking Lateral DB Lunge
1. Holding one dumbell between your legs take left foot and step 2-3 feet out to the left side (or the 3 o’clock position). Lean torso forward and sit the right glute back. DO NOT allow lunging knee to extend past the big toe – may cause injury.
3) Pushing off lunging foot, return to start position.
4) Remember to keep head and back in a neutral position. Reaching forward should be performed at the hips and not the low back. Shoulders, hips, and front foot should point forward at all times.
5) Watch for proper knee alignment – do not let lunging knee extend past big toe or deviate laterally or medially. Opposite leg should remain straight during lunging phase as shown.

Slideboard Bodyweight Reverse Lunge
1. Start by placing your hands on top of your head and placing one foot on the slideboard or a “val slide”.
2. Proceed to lunge by sliding your foot back until you reach full range of motion. Your front leg should be bent to about 90 degrees.
3. Return to the starting position by standing up using the front leg.
4. Repeat for the desired repetitions and then repeat with the other leg.

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