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By on April 23, 2010

What Is A Body Detox?
What exactly is a body detox and most importantly, how can it help you? It is one of the latest trend right now and for a good reason. Many experts now believe that a lot of illnesses and diseases are brought on by our self. In another word, we are the cause of these illnesses because of the way we live our lives. From smoking to oily foods, these will sooner or later cause our body to break down because of the toxins we put into our body.

Why Do I Need A Body Detox?
Toxins that are not easily discarded by our body will build up and after some time will cause problem as our body is unable to get rid of it easily. The cleaning process done by our body requires a lot of effort and eliminating them requires a lot of energy. This energy draining process can weaken your immune system, making you more susceptible to allergies, colds and flu. Even though our body tries it’s best to rid it of these substances, it’s not exactly very efficient at eliminating hard substances such as heavy metals cadmium and lead. These will leave your body working double hard and eating away your energy level. This is the reason why you find yourself tired the whole day. It’s the side effect of the natural cleaning process done by your body. Fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, stomach pain, constipation, weight gain, insomnia, etc are some of the problems that we will face when our body fails to get rid of these toxins. This is where body detox comes in; you need to assist your body in the cleaning process.

Body Detox
Body detoxification is a full and thorough cleansing to remove built up toxins naturally. Any chemical that your body becomes dependant on and you then try to remove from the system will go through the detoxification process. It’s just like your car’s engine, you need to service it periodically to clean out the oil clog and it goes the same with our bodies, we need to service it once in a while to take out the garbage. Detox serves as a preventative health measure to help you lighten your load of the excess “garbage” in your body and essentially help to cleanse the colon, lymph glands, kidneys, lungs, liver, and skin. It’s important to know that no matter how young or healthy one thinks he or she may be, or how pure we try to keep our bodies, we live in a world whereby many toxins are forced upon us, (especially in the big city whereby pollution is everywhere) which ultimately impacts our well-being.

Our body is not able to remove the accumulated poison and toxin without help, so we need to assist our body to remove the build up.

If you suffer from low energy level, fatigue, bloated stomach or excess weight, you shouldn’t just except and ignore the problem, these are some of the signs that your body is in need of a body detox. A thorough body cleansing is necessary to purify your system inside out to return it back to its normal state. Itfs crucial to maintaining a good health that you detoxify and cleanse your body thoroughly and often to get rid of harmful toxic substances. These toxins are the cause of a lot of health issues. Okay, now that you know you need a body detox and how important it is, how do you go about doing it? Before that though, you need to understand first what happens when you detox your body.
So what exactly happens when you detox your body?
During a body detoxification process, you will:
1. Cleanse your colon with special herbs designed to clean out colon debris, parasites and toxic plaque.
2. Replenish the good bacteria that have been lost while cleansing the colon. Good bacteria help protect the flora balance and protect you by boosting your immune system.
3. In the final step, use detoxifying herbs, vitamins, amino acids and minerals to cleanse your liver, blood, brain, tissues and other parts of your body.

Now that you know how happens during a body detoxification, how do you go about detoxing your body? There are different ways for you to achieve these goals. One of the simplest and safest ways is probably to purchase a detoxification kit or body cleansing system. There are many different products out there on the market for you to choose from.

These packaged programs come with all the things you need to detoxify your body as well as instructions on how to use them correctly. Normally, it is simply a pill or sometimes a liquid or both that you consume orally. Some of these contain some of Mother Naturefs best detoxing agents such as aloe vera, ginger, grape seed and many other natural ingredients. These natural ingredients are combined together to provide you with an effective body detoxification supplements that will cleanse and detoxify your body.

Before you go out and get yourself a detox system, do some research and make sure that the system is able to provide you with the followings:
– Removing heavy metals such as lead and mercury
– Detoxify your liver, kidneys and other organs
– Replenish the friendly bacteria with a pro-biotic formula
– Recharge your immune system with a powerful antioxidant support

Body detoxification tips to ensure results and success
1) Follow a balanced dietary plan
2) Maintain proper nutrition at all time
3) Obtain all of your vitamins from food and supplements to address your need
4) Eat MORE whole foods from all food groups
5) Consider all the elements of a healthy diet and stay with them
6) Understand and support, following the basics of healthy and nutritional eating
7) Make sure that there’s balance, variety and moderation in all aspects of your life
8 ) Diversity in your diet is vital in all stages of detox. Try to pick from natural bread and other whole-grain products such as vegetables. fruits. dairy products and fish, meat, poultry and other protein foods. Fiber-intake and hydration is still very important.
9) Low-fat products and lean proteins are good.
10) Maintain a healthy weight.
11) More, smaller, healthier meals, more often, smaller portions, consume frequently to maintain a stable blood sugar and keep your metabolism ticking!
12) Avoid too much sugar, starch, salt and refined foods.
13) Very important, fried foods and fats have to go and be removed from your palette, menu and plate!
14) Do not skip meals, get hungry, thirsty or suppress/deny your appetite.
15) Make healthier selections for your vitality, balance, well-being and even longevity.
16) Get involved in activities and practices that encourage good wellbeing and decrease risk of major chronic illnesses.
17) Drink lots of water to hydrate the body. It’s also advised to drink at least three glasses of low-fat milk per day.

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