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By on April 20, 2010

1. French-Fries

Deep-frying in oil adds the carcinogen acrylamide into potatoes and most chips. A large serving of fries can contain over 300 times the allowable limit set by other countries such as Sweden.

2. Processed Breakfast Cereals

Avoid those which use genetically modified grains. They are packed with refined sugar and offer little protein value. Just wander into the cereal aisle and see if you can find a bag of plain oatmeal.

3. Diet Soda

It contains aspartame and has no nutritional value. Aspartame is metabolized into a formaldehyde compound, which can lead to problems. There is evidence that artificial sweeteners can stimulate the desire for sweet food.

4. Soda

It is packed full of refined sugar and has no nutritional value, yet high school students use it as a primary source of hydration. Large amounts have the potential to demineralize bones. We do not have to look far to see that the osteoporosis cycle begins before the bones are fully mature.

5. Decaffeinated Coffee

If you are going to drink coffee, then do so. Some of the decaffeination processes utilize filtration that imparts active chlorine into the coffee. There is a study suggesting women who drink decaffeinated coffee have a higher incidence of rheumatoid arthritis.


6. White Bread

It is made with refined flour stripped of vitamins, fiber, protein and minerals. Refined liquid sugar is added.

7. Commercial Pizza

High in sodium, carbohydrates and fats, pizza is heated at over 180C, destroying a great deal of the nutrient value. Making your own, by using pure flours, vegetables, minimizing cheese and sodium, may be an alternative.

8. Low Fat Ice Cream

It is made from genetically modified soy. Taking fat out of the ice cream drives up the glycemic index. Either eat ice cream or don’t. Don’t think that there is any such thing as healthy ice cream.


9. Donuts

Donuts are deep fried white bread coated with sugar.

10. Fruit Drinks

They are mostly water, sugar with some coloring. Even the labeling on fruit juices can be misleading.

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