Joey Rubino

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Sober Companion

By on April 27, 2019

Joey is a Sober Companion and Coach who offers his clients a unique experience of compassion and love. He draws on his own past experiences and over 10 years of sobriety to forge connections that allow clients to feel heard and not judged while they move forward towards their new life.

He began coaching initially focusing on fitness, and spent many years teaching others how to lead healthier lives and achieve what they once thought impossible. His fitness coaching career offered hope of not only improved fitness, but also a new way of looking at life, and he quickly became one of the most sought after coaches in Hollywood. From group fitness, to private workouts, to working with celebrities both at home and while on global tours; Joeys methods brought success and satisfaction.

Of course, life doesn’t exist in a vacuum – and physical fitness is only one part of leading a healthy joyful life. Joey soon realized that his own experience with sobriety would prove to be useful and helpful to others looking to find the same peace. Sober Coaching was a natural next step, and Joey’s existing connections led him to bring this facet of coaching to his work with celebrities – working with them during high stress and sleepless tours to assist them in their sober life goals during those tours and beyond.

Joey resides in Los Angeles, but holds a love for travel and knowing locations around the world. His above experience is complemented with certification in Interventions, Health Coaching and Yoga.  His versatility and experience working in high pressure and high profile situations makes him a great fit for most anyone looking for their best selves.