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Orphanage Fundraiser Jaipur, India

By on September 3, 2016

I have a little over a month left in LA before I go on my next adventure.

As life continues to unfold for me – my plan is to head to Jaipur – India this winter working at an orphanage for 6 – 7 months.

I am currently trying to raise funds to help provide for the children – money raised will contribute to medical expenses, food, clean water, shelter and clothing for those most in need. If this is something you might be interested in contributing towards – all donations are welcome and no amount is too small – I would be most grateful.
As well as donations I welcome any great ideas to raise funds or wisdom you may have as i truly am looking to make the most of this endeavor.

My long term goal in the coming years once I have mastered culture language and the true needs of the locals is to build my very own orphanage.

Along with excitement I have some natural fear of the unknown but I trust in God and the greater purpose of life.

I know In this day and age we are being pulled in so many directions being asked for donations and money here there and everywhere – which makes it difficult to help and say yes to every cause that comes our way. 
If this is something that speaks to you and you can and want to contribute any funds to I would be most grateful. 

Fundraising is so new to me and if I’m honest I’m not very good at it and I certainly don’t like asking people for help – I just want to be out on the field making a difference.

That being said – I am just waiting to rent out my condo and have my car lease taken over and then I’m ready to head off – I am hoping to leave the US by October 12th, spend some quality time in London with family and then out on my venture. 

I will be posting videos and blogs of my journey in social media and hope you will enjoy following my progress on this path.