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Winners and Winners

By on April 20, 2011

I found this quote by Ralph Marston to be quite profound and wanted to share it with all of you. I love my followers and know that each and everyone of you are winners.

There are those who win now, and those who will win later. If everyone were to win first place all at once, the victory would have no real meaning.
If you resent those who win the race, you give up a valuable opportunity. You give up the opportunity to learn from their examples.
There are those who win in one area of life, and others who win in other areas of life. If everyone was the best at thevery same thing, think of how terribly tedious and predictable things would be.
Just because one person wins, or excels, or achieves, does not mean everyone else loses. Life’s victories do not happenin a vacuum, and their valuable consequences reach far beyond those who achieve them.
Choose to be inspired, to learn from, and to catch the positive energy of those who win. Then make use of that energy, and build on it to win in your very own way.
Sincerely celebrate the victories of those who win. For that makes you a winner, too.
Ralph Marston

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