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By on May 18, 2010

The benefit of stretching is really limitless. I think that’s why some people benefit from and enjoy yoga so much.

Here is a list of some of the benefits of stretching…

Increases mobility in muscles, joints and tendons as well as improve posture.
When mobility is limited in certain areas of the body, it causes the body to be unbalanced and more susceptible to injuries.

Helps prevent injuries such as muscle strains.
A strong, flexible muscle resists stress better than a stiff, inflexible muscle.

Reduces muscle tension and help the body feel more relaxed, reduces muscular fatigue.
Stress can cause muscles to tense up. Tight and tense muscles are more easily injured. All muscles get tired after continuously working for a period of time. Even taking a short break to stretch allows the muscle to regenerate and increase bloodflow.

Increases productivity at home and work.
When you feel good, you can get a lot more accomplished whether at home or work!!

Improves you athletic performance
When you are flexible, your muscles are able to work at their optimum positions.

Helps you FEEL GOOD!


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